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Search Engine

Google Search Labs

Google's Search Labs offers the opportunity to participate in short experiments and new AI experiences to help shape the future of search. Early access is limited.


GPTGO is a free combined search engine and chatbot that integrates the real-time API of Google search and ChatGPT to provide fast and accurate results, and can be accessed on any device with a web browser and internet connection.


iAsk.Ai is a free AI search engine that provides instant, accurate, and factual answers to user questions, utilizing natural language processing and a large-scale Transformer language-based model, while being trained on reliable and authoritative sources to answer questions objectively and without bias


Algolia is a search and discovery platform powered by AI that provides fast and relevant search experiences for ecommerce, SaaS, digital content, and enterprise and workplace search, serving over 17,000 customers globally.

Looria is a platform that helps users find the best products by analyzing Reddit posts and comments, providing unbiased and informative content.


Everypixel is a stock image search engine powered by AI, offering free and paid options for users to find and use images for various purposes, such as morning greetings or business meetings

Komo Search is an AI-powered search engine that prioritizes user search journeys, offering an interactive and personalized search experience that utilizes advanced search algorithms and machine learning techniques to deliver accurate, fast, and delightful search results.


GigaBrain is a search engine that scans billions of online comments and discussions from platforms like Reddit to provide users with useful and relevant answers, automatically threading together the most useful answers with source citations and allowing users to gather feedback and opinions on products and places

ChatGPT For Search Engines

Chatonai is an extension that optimizes the user experience of ChatGPT on search engines by displaying its responses alongside search results and providing prompt templates.