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Jua AI is an AI company specializing in optimized power and demand forecasting for weather-dependent energy trading, aiming to improve the accuracy and precision of forecasts.

Life Assistants

Real Fake is a service that uses AI to generate professional headshots from uploaded photos, with over 16,000 satisfied customers and a focus on affordability and convenience

Search Engine
Looria is a platform that helps users find the best products by analyzing Reddit posts and comments, providing unbiased and informative content.

Creaitor AI is an AI writing tool that helps users create content in a more powerful and emotionally expressive way, offering various monthly plans with different features and capabilities

Storytelling Generator
Talestime is a platform that allows users to create their own bedtime stories using artificial intelligence, aiming to inspire creativity and imagination

Art Generator
MyPrint AI is an AI tool that generates unique artworks from personal photos, allowing users to create and print beautiful artworks with ease and stunning quality.

Lalal AI

LALAL.AI is a website that offers a Vocal Remover and Instrumental AI Splitter tool, and users can register or log in to their account via email, Google, or Facebook.

Text To Speech

The TextToSample plugin from Samplab is an AI-powered sample generator available as a free standalone or VST3 plugin, allowing users to generate samples by providing text prompts or audio inputs, and it is designed to work on various operating systems and hardware.

SpaceLogo is an AI-powered logo generator that offers a wide range of customization options, including font styles, color schemes, and iconography, and users can download their logo in multiple formats.