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#36 is a platform that allows users to create their own bedtime stories using artificial intelligence, aiming to inspire creativity and imagination


  • 💭📖 Create your own tale: allows users to create their own bedtime stories written by AI. Users can let their imagination run freely and let AI do the hard work. If they don’t like their tale, they can create a new one in a few minutes.
  • 🤖📝 SmartScribe: SmartScribe is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps students and content creators overcome writer’s block, generate creative ideas, and add clarity to their writing. It also curates information surrounding the topic and creates unique and relevant content. SmartScribe offers an Affiliate Program where users can earn 40% RECURRING COMMISSION for every subscription. It is priced at £9/month (with a 7-day free trial) or £7.50/month (with a 7-day free trial) for the annual plan.
  • 📝🤖 Wraith Docs: Wraith Docs is a Google Docs AI Assistant that provides users with a suite of AI tools to make creating and editing documents 10 times faster. It offers enhanced SEO content creation and optimization, copywriting solutions for content creation, and optimized text summarization for any website.
  • 🧮🏆 Times Tales: Times Tales is an award-winning multiplication program that helps children memorize the times tables easily.
  • 🎓📝 Ivyclub: Ivyclub is an AI-powered tool that assists graduate school applicants in crafting superior personal statements. It utilizes a large database using natural language processing algorithms. It can transform an applicant’s story into a winning statement with different styles that are customizable. Users can sign up for a free plan to experience the benefits of using Ivyclub in their application process.


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TalesTime is a cutting-edge AI tool that specializes in story writing, allowing users to craft their own personalized bedtime tales with ease.
There is an iOS app called "Storytime Sam" that allows users to create customized kids' stories in minutes.

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My Story Elf

My Story Elf is a website that uses AI to create endless stories and beautiful illustrations for kids to enjoy.

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Charisma is a British company that develops interactive films, TV series, games, and VR experiences using AI and NLP technologies to create believable conversational experiences with virtual characters that have voices, emotions, memories, and goals, and bring them to life in web, app, gaming, VR, and other interactive experiences.

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HeyTale is a website, but no further information is available from the search results.

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