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Voice Reading
Voicebooking offers a free AI voice over generator that allows users to create computer-generated voice-overs in multiple languages, with the first project being free and additional features available through paid subscriptions

Websites & Design

The Mobirise AI Website Builder is a free online tool that uses AI to automatically generate aesthetically pleasing and high-functioning websites based on user prompts and preferences, making it ideal for non-techies and those looking for efficient design options

Human Resources

Talmundo is a platform that offers intuitive reporting dashboards and solutions for exceptional employee onboarding, aiming to improve new hire experiences and provide valuable support to organizations.


Saga is an AI text RPG that offers an immersive text-based environment with customizable settings, dynamic conversations, and free-form writing, and can be accessed from any device.

Human Resources

Rise Calendar is a scheduling tool designed to help users manage their time more effectively by scheduling, optimizing, and protecting their day.

Tom’s Planner AI assist

Tom's Planner offers AI-powered Gantt charts that allow users to adjust, expand, and create project phases by interacting with an AI, ChatGPT, to generate project plans based on provided descriptions.

Stormly 2.0

Stormly is a powerful analytics platform for product managers, offering tailored insights into user behavior and tips for product improvement, as well as seamless integration with other analytics tools


Musico's AI-powered engines blend traditional and modern machine learning algorithms to generate endless streams of copyright-free music in various styles, offering solutions for both music professionals and non-musicians, and enabling the creation of infinite melodies, beats, and harmonies

No Code

Procys is an AI-powered document processing app that aims to automate routine work and streamline business processes.