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#15 offers a free AI voice over generator that allows users to create computer-generated voice-overs in multiple languages, with the first project being free and additional features available through paid subscriptions


  • 💬 The Voicebooking Voice Over Generator allows users to generate computer-generated voice overs in a range of languages, with male and female voice options available. Users can copy and paste their script, listen to the generated voice over, and use it in their video, test project, or storyboard. The first project is always free, and users can unlock unlimited access and extra features such as pauses and added emphasis by registering for a premium plan.


  • 🎤 Multiple Language Options: The voice generator offers a range of languages for both male and female voices, allowing users to convey their message in their preferred language.
  • 💻 Fast and Easy Testing: Users can quickly test their voice over scripts for timing and impact by simply copying, pasting, and listening to the generated voice, making it a fast and efficient way to evaluate their content.
  • 💰 Freemium Model: The tool operates on a freemium model, allowing users to create their first voice generator project for free. Additional features and unlimited access are available upon upgrading to a premium plan.
  • 🤖 AI Voice Simulation: The tool provides AI-generated voices, which are becoming increasingly popular for various content creation needs, such as social media posts, ads, and memes, offering a convenient and time-saving solution.
  • 🔓 Feature Expansion: Upgrading to a premium plan unlocks extra features such as the ability to emphasize certain words, add pauses, and access a wider range of voice options, enhancing the overall voice over generator experience.


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Voicebooking offers a range of AI voice and audio services, including help with chatbots, helpdesks, and interactive voicemail response (IVR). Their producers can help you find how best to apply AI for your business needs.
With a premium subscription to Voicebooking's AI voice over generator, you can unlock unlimited access and extra features such as pauses and added emphasis for a more realistic voice over generator experience.
You can contact Voicebooking via feedback if you have any questions about their AI voice over services.

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