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RecapioGPT is an AI bot summarizer that allows users to summarize articles, PDFs, and YouTube videos with transcripts, and save them to Instapaper for later reading.

TLDR this

TLDR This is an online article summarizer tool that uses AI to automatically extract the most relevant points from a text, eliminating fluff and weak arguments, and providing distraction-free reading experience.


BooksAI is a platform that offers AI-generated book summaries and recommendations to users.

ReadCopilot AI

Enago Read Copilot is an advanced AI reading assistant that comprehends large volumes of literature in minutes, providing explanations and answers on any research paper as you read, including text, math, and tables

Summarization is a tool that uses state-of-the-art technology to summarize any text, helping users analyze and understand large amounts of text, generate concise notes, and improve research efficiency

Summarizethis, TLDR This, SMMRY, and are online tools that use AI to summarize text, URLs, PDFs, and more for free, providing efficient and concise summaries of various content types.


PDF2GPT is a platform that uses GPT to summarize large PDFs, breaking the document into smaller chunks and employing a powerful Deep A semantic search to chat with the contents of the PDF file, providing precise responses and even citing the page number for added credibility

Smary is a platform that offers AI-powered text and video summarization services, providing short summaries for editorial content, making it easy to integrate and scale for multiple use cases

Current AI

Current Report is a news website that covers a wide range of topics including politics, business, technology, and entertainment.