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Scispace, also known as SciSpace, is a research platform and writing tool that helps researchers, students, and professionals manage, format, and collaborate on research papers and thesis documents, providing simple explanations and answers from AI for better understanding of scientific information

Research PAL

ResearchPalai is an AI-powered research assistant for Google Docs, revolutionizing the approach to research by providing intuitive and efficient information retrieval and idea generation. © 2023 Let's Remote LTD. - All rights reserved

Summate is a tool that uses OpenAI to quickly summarize web articles, allowing users to input any article URL and receive a summary of the article.

Podcast is a podcast that is entirely generated by artificial intelligence, exploring a new topic in depth every week, and listeners can suggest topics or even guests and hosts for future episodes.

Research offers PandaChat, an AI-powered chatbot service that can provide personalized support, interface customization, and article summarization for businesses.

Papers with Code

Papers with Code is a platform that provides the latest research papers and code implementations in the field of machine learning.

HeyScience AI

HeyScience is a platform that provides data-driven confidence and insightful analytics to empower researchers in their work, freeing them to focus on advancing their research

Findsight AI

Findsight AI is a search engine that allows users to explore and compare the core ideas from thousands of non-fiction works, offering powerful filters to refine search results and links to the original books or articles


Consensus is an AI-powered search engine that allows users to search through over 200 million scientific papers, using AI to find insights and provide science-based answers efficiently and responsibly