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The Hexagon is a versatile tool with 6-edged hex screwdrivers, offering better fit and reduced wear on the wrench and fastener head


  • 💻 Hexagon Tool – Hexagonal shape tool for designers.
  • 🌐: Hexx – A Rust library that allows you to manipulate hexagon coordinates and generate hexagonal maps with custom layouts and orientation.

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Hexagonal thinking is a tool for discussion that involves arranging hexagons with different ideas or concepts written on them and connecting them to show relationships between them. It can be used in the classroom to help students connect wide-ranging ideas and show how and why they think different ideas and options are connected
Align to grid can be used on a hexagon map in Roll20 by using a square grid on the hexagonal map for drawing tools and alignment. This can be seen by starting to draw lots of lines in a hexagonal map
To resize a hexagon in Shapr3D, the user can mark the walls of an intruded hexagon and the hexagon size should be displayed. This would help a lot in resizing to a specific size. Without measurements, resizing from that marking is just a wild guess
There are no immediate plans to add hexagonal tiles to Shmeppy, but it has been suggested that it would be useful for making circular rooms and for creating a better understanding of the layout of the land in tabletop role-playing games

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