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Customer Support

Zia is an A.I. tool for Zoho Desk that uses contextual analysis to process customer questions, identify sentiment, assign appropriate tags, suggest solutions, and provide predictions for decision-makers.

Customer Support is an enterprise-level conversational AI platform that offers cutting-edge technology through both voice and digital channels to automate processes for customer interactions, with a GUI-based bot builder that enables business users and developers to build context-aware, rich messaging, enterprise-grade bots.

Customer Support
Gladly Sidekick

Gladly has introduced Gladly Sidekick, a new AI and automation platform that enables personalized self-service and works alongside their people-centered platform, Gladly Hero, to deliver personalized agent-assisted customer service

Customer Support
Maax AI

MAAX.AI is a platform that optimizes coaching and influencer strategies by developing a custom chatbot using user data.

Customer Support
Operative Intelligence

Operative Intelligence is an AI-powered contact center analytics platform that can automatically identify the root cause and reasons for customer inquiries, requiring no model training or business tagging of data and having an ROI built into its insights, and can be deployed by a business in two weeks.

Customer Support

WebWhiz is a platform that allows you to train ChatGPT on your website data and build an AI chatbot to answer customer queries instantly, improving user satisfaction and reducing wait times

Customer Support
Yuma is an AI-powered customer service platform that automates customer interactions, handles inquiries, and streamlines processes to increase agent productivity, reduce operating costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Support

Netomi is a conversational AI platform designed for business users, offering seamless integration with existing systems, deployment across multiple channels, and the ability to analyze customer communication for actionable insights

Customer Support

Intercom's Fin is an AI chatbot that can answer customer support questions using multiple sources, including Intercom articles, Zendesk help center, public URLs, PDFs, or text-based snippets, and can seamlessly pass complex problems to your support team, all while monitoring conversations in the inbox and improving its performance with suggestions.