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Ask AI is a software solution that uses artificial intelligence to understand inquiries and provide accurate, relevant information to enhance the shopping experience by seamlessly guiding visitors, addressing their doubts about products, ensuring a delightful shopping experience.


  • 😎 AI Assistance: Coora AI’s Ask AI feature provides AI assistance to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty in shopping experiences.


  • 💻🛍️ Elevate Shopping Experiences: Coora AI’s Ask AI can clarify product queries, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty in shopping. It is available in the Shopify App Store and more integrations are coming soon.
  • 🚗📱 Product Comparison: Coora AI’s Computer Comparison is an AI tool that provides a comparative overview of various computer products. It is designed to assist in making informed decisions by offering insights into the key differences in hardware specifications and overall performance.
  • 🤖🎨 Graphic Design: Coora AI’s GPT can be used for graphic design under a predefined budget. It is an AI tool that leverages advanced language understanding for dialogues related to computer functionality, pricing, and performance.

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Ask AI works by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to provide users with guidance and clarification for their product-related queries, thereby enhancing their shopping experience.
Ask AI is available as a software solution and can be found on the Coora AI website, as well as on the Shopify App Store.

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WebWhiz is a platform that allows you to train ChatGPT on your website data and build an AI chatbot to answer customer queries instantly, improving user satisfaction and reducing wait times

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Alterra Answers AI

Alterra Answers for Zendesk is an AI-powered solution that streamlines customer support by providing faster, time-saving answers to leads and customers, reducing the workload for support teams.

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HelpLook is a product developed by Guangzhou Weipai Information Technology Co., Ltd., a company focused on standard SaaS development, which allows for the rapid creation of product help centers, knowledge bases, and official blogs, featuring an easy-to-use editing management backend and integrated ChatGPT AI search functionality

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