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#5 is a platform that provides text-to-speech services with natural voices, along with custom Enterprise Pricing for unlimited API calls and dedicated technical support


  • 💬 Text to Speech: offers an online text-to-speech service with natural voices. Users can use the Break button to add pauses and the Emphasis button to highlight text.


  • 💬 Text to Speech: Woord is an online platform that offers text-to-speech services with 38 natural-sounding voices in 28 languages. Users can convert their text to MP3 files and download them for free. They can also embed the audio on their website using HTML.
  • 🎙️ Break Button: Woord has a Break button that allows users to insert pauses in their speech. To use it, users need to click where they want the break to be, and then click the Break button. A dropdown menu will open, where they can choose the length of the pause.
  • 🗣️ Emphasis Button: Woord also has an Emphasis button that allows users to emphasize specific words or phrases in their speech. To use it, users need to write their text, highlight the text they want to emphasize, and click the Emphasis button.
  • 📚 Applications: Woord can be used in various applications such as quiz games, animations, avatars, or narration generation. It can also help the blind and visually impaired consume digital content, be used in announcement systems in public transportation and industrial control systems, and in telephony solutions to voice Interactive Voice Response systems.
  • 🆓 Free Plan: Woord offers a free plan that allows users to render up to 20,000 characters per month. However, the free plan has limited features, such as only being able to convert two audio files into voiceover in a month. Users can upgrade to a paid plan to access more features, such as integrating Woord as an API within their products.


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Bootstrap, Vue.js

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Customers can cancel their subscription at any time by logging into their web account. The cancellation will be effective immediately, and any unused API calls and other features will not be refunded. No refund or credit note will be made for unused days.
Woord is a text-to-speech online service that offers 38 natural-sounding voices. It also provides free MP3 downloads and audio hosting with HTML embed audio.
Customers can send an email to to provide feedback on the products and services. The suggestions are valued and appreciated.

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