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Human Resources
Qureos Resume Builder

Qureos offers a free online resume builder designed to help job seekers create a winning resume that showcases their work, personality, and skills, based on feedback from 1,000+ users, recruiter expertise, and hiring best practices.

Gift Ideas

The Almowafir Gift Hunter is an AI-powered tool that provides personalized gift recommendations based on various input criteria, helping users find the perfect gift and save money through exclusive coupons and discounts

glowy AI

Glowy AI is a website that offers personalized skincare treatment plans tailored to unique skincare needs and concerns, with visible results in 8-12 weeks, using expert consultation and quality product recommendations


Copilot2trip is a free AI-powered personal travel assistant that offers instant itineraries, real-time re-planning, and adaptive travel experiences, aiming to simplify and enhance the travel planning process

Assistant Code
Codesquire AI is an AI code writing assistant for data scientists, engineers, and analysts, offering code completions and suggestions as you type

Storytelling Generator
Novel is a website that provides a dedicated and powerful toolset for professionals to tell their story.

Versy AI is a generative AI solution that creates virtual experiences from text prompts, offering cost-effective automation, customizable and data-driven UX, and the ability to quickly iterate and scale various virtual experiences, making it suitable for businesses of diverse sizes

Trade Foresight

Trade Foresight is a global trade platform that provides businesses with insights, information, and tools necessary to succeed in international trade, including personalized dashboards, global trade analytics, and a trader's lounge.


Katteb is an AI-powered writing software that utilizes rigorous fact-checking techniques to deliver you content of the highest credibility, ensuring to provide you with reliable information supported by credible sources and in-text citations.