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Lounge Chair

Absolute Bedding is a Singapore-based company offering a variety of sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, and bedding accessories with features such as anti-dust mite properties and optimal support


Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers an auto-trading bot feature for Bitcoin and Ethereum, and recommends using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers for optimal trading experience.

Social Networks
Affable AI is a SaaS-based influencer management platform that provides a complete profile analysis of social media influencers, offering features such as influencer search, content search, outreach, campaigns, reporting, and integration with various platforms

Snap Innovations

Snap Innovations is a technology company that provides innovative solutions to clients in the fintech industry using cutting-edge AI and market connectivity.


InVideo is an online video creation platform that uses AI to help users create and edit videos using pre-made templates, text prompts, and a user-friendly interface, offering features such as 24x7 human support and a Discord community for feedback

Search Engine

Everypixel is a stock image search engine powered by AI, offering free and paid options for users to find and use images for various purposes, such as morning greetings or business meetings

Questo AI

Questo AI is a platform that generates comprehensive and accurate quizzes from educational text or pictures of textbooks to help students study for tests.

Easy-Peasy AI

Easy-Peasy.AI is an AI content tool with over 170 templates, helping users create various content such as blog posts, resumes, job descriptions, and social media content 10 times faster