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For Fun
Vee is an intelligent consultant that has spoken with millions of people, effectively implementing business processes for various companies across different industries.

Text To Speech

BlogAudio is a tool that converts text to high-quality audio speech, making it suitable for articles, podcasts, and voiceovers

AI Chat

The AI Chat from is a highly adaptable chat technology powered by GPT that enables customers to receive highly personalized and instant on-demand answers faster, automating communication with customers and moving support teams to more important tasks.


MowaAI is an AI data analyst that aims to simplify data analysis and elevate the level of data literacy within organizations.

Chatbot AI

ChatBot is an AI chat bot software that scans websites, help centers, or other designated resources to provide quick and accurate answers to customer questions, offering a free 14-day trial and no credit card required

Websites & Design
Shuffle is a chat-based template builder that uses AI and offers various online editors for popular CSS frameworks, UI components, and templates for different industries.

Surfer Seo

Surfer is a Content Intelligence platform that helps writers, content managers, and agencies to scale their content efforts, automate their SEO workflow, and rank higher and faster than ever before, with subscriptions available in four tiers of plans.


Deep Image AI is a platform that offers image upscaling and enhancement services, allowing users to improve the quality of their images for various purposes, such as social media and corporate use


Playstrict is a mobile gaming growth platform that provides comprehensive marketing, discovery, and promotion services to help indie game developers succeed in the mobile gaming market