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Drafter AI

Drafter AI is an all-in-one AI platform that allows businesses to combine various AI technologies into single apps, enabling the effortless creation of AI-powered tools and features without the need for coding expertise


CopyMonkey is an AI-powered tool that helps users create optimized Amazon listings by generating keyword-optimized bullet points and descriptions, ensuring that sellers don't miss out on important keywords that customers are searching for

Website Builders is a free visual sitemap generator that uses artificial intelligence to create the visual structure of a website, which serves as an important starting point for further development.


PhotoAI is an innovative AI platform that uses advanced algorithms to generate unique and personalized AI photos, offering a variety of packs for different use cases such as Tinder profiles, LinkedIn headshots, or fantasy-style visuals, with a focus on security and privacy


Ajelix is a platform that offers a variety of AI Excel tools and data visualization solutions, including an AI Excel formula generator, a data visualization tool called Ajelix BI, and more than 20 AI tools for spreadsheets.