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Legal Assistants

Brightflag is an AI-powered legal operations platform that offers legal e-billing software to help corporate legal teams reduce costs, increase productivity, and make better decisions.

Job Search

Autojob is a remote-only platform that automates the job application process, helping users get more interviews by mass applying to relevant job postings and providing features such as job filtering and dynamic emails

Promptitude is a platform that allows users to integrate GPT into their apps and workflows, offering features such as prompt management, automation, text summarization, and information extraction, with a focus on security and user feedback.

WarpSound AI

WarpSound is an adaptive AI music platform that unleashes new forms of limitless music play and creativity using cutting-edge generative AI technologies


AYLIEN is a company that provides a News API to aggregate, filter, and integrate global news data into apps and models, and also offers a COVID-19 dataset for analysis.


STRATxAI is a company that offers cutting-edge AI-driven portfolios to empower businesses with seamless white-label investing solutions, aiming to enhance customer retention and drive revenue growth.

Media & Entertainment
Systeme is a comprehensive platform for launching and managing an online business, offering smooth building processes and a small learning curve, making it a serious force in the funnel world.

Content Creation

Chopcast is a content repurposing platform that uses NLP to automatically create clips, subtitling, and transcripts from webinars, video podcasts, and other long-form videos, offering a free-to-use AI platform and paid plans with monthly minute bundles per user

No Code
AI-assisted Contember Studio

Contember is an open-source platform designed to streamline the process of building and managing data-driven web applications, offering security, scalability, and customization, and it can be used with or without AI for rapid backend development