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Human Resources
Wave AI

Wave AI offers high-end coaching for managers and executives, providing confidential support and tailored-fit coaching experiences to help individuals reach their professional goals

Life Assistants
Roast Dating

Roast Dating is a dating app that matches users based on their sense of humor and allows them to connect through video chats.

B-cube AI is an AI-driven trading platform that offers premium quality tools and content for crypto trading, leveraging AI to empower humans and providing a blockchain-based ecosystem

Wondercraft AI

Wondercraft AI is a podcast creation platform that uses generative AI voices to easily produce and distribute podcasts in multiple languages, catering to businesses, publishers, and educational content creators. It offers hyper-realistic AI voices and the ability to publish directly to various platforms without extra hosting costs

Dezgo is a website that generates images from text descriptions using AI technology.


GitBook Solutions is an internal knowledge base that brings together a team's technical knowledge with Git-like collaboration and deep integrations to help everyone contribute, with knowledge management tools for the whole team to capture missing knowledge, keep all information organized, and keep documentation up to date, including AI-powered content audit to spot conflicting information.


Lettria is a no-code AI platform for text analysis, offering natural language processing (NLP) solutions to enrich CRMs, analyze customer feedback, and structure data using semantic categorization and knowledge graphs


GeneratedBy is an all-in-one platform for creating, testing, and sharing AI prompts that helps streamline the prompt creation process and increase productivity.

SEOmatic AI

SEOmatic is a platform that offers programmatic SEO and AI tools to automate and scale marketing, including features such as creating SEO-friendly pages, importing datasets, generating content, and publishing pages on CMS or hosting them with SEOmatic