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Kwizie AI is an AI-powered website that allows users to create gamified quizzes from YouTube videos up to 3 hours long, with a visually appealing mobile-first interface and support for longer content, providing valuable analytics and feedback to optimize delivery.

Regula AI

Regula AI is a company that provides identity verification solutions through its Regula Document Reader SDK, and there is ongoing discussion about the need for AI regulation to ensure equitable decisions and protect against risks associated with AI technology.

AI Marketing by Martekings

Martekings offers AI-driven marketing solutions, including a unique prompt identity tool that allows businesses to generate countless unique brand media simply by editing words in a prompt, eliminating the need for a designer to create high-quality pictures for content marketing.


Romantic AI is an AI-powered chatbot that operates in two modes, general and romantic, and is designed to maintain mental health by providing caring, supportive, and playful conversation.

Social Networks
BrandBastion Lite

BrandBastion Lite is an AI-powered social engagement platform that helps manage conversations, analyze sentiment, and automate moderation on social media platforms

Productivity offers product design and collaboration for data teams, allowing integration across tech stacks, easy user access controls, open API, and AI email assistance with learning capabilities and multilingual support. It also provides tools for master data management, enterprise information architecture, data mesh, and human-friendly data catalogs


AIWriter is a content creation tool that uses the latest AI technology, including GPT-3 and GPT-4 language models, to help users create high-quality content in multiple languages, generate images mid-journey, convert audio to text, and even chat with an AI-powered assistant to get content suggestions and ideas.

Media & Entertainment is a sales engagement platform powered by AI, offering a unified dashboard, advanced automation, and AI personalization to simplify KPI tracking and enhance sales processes


Flowrite is a productivity tool that uses AI to help users write daily emails and messages, offering time-saving reply suggestions and the ability to create unique messages based on instructions.