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Unschooling is a complete rejection of the concept of traditional schooling, where children control their own education and learn whatever they are interested in, without using a curriculum or being forced to learn, and unfortunately, many people who do unschool receive a ton of negative support and criticism.

Social Networks

Thumbly is an AI-powered platform that helps create custom YouTube thumbnails in seconds, saving time and money for creators


Dewstack is an online documentation platform that allows users to host their content on their own domain or a free Dewstack sub-domain, with options for public, private, or password-protected access, and offers various pricing plans with different features and customization options

Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me is a platform that allows developers to integrate a character creator into their games or apps, offering high-quality personalized game characters and saving development time.

GPT Stylist

GPT Stylist is an AI plugin for Figma and FigJam that creates custom color palettes based on product descriptions, aiming to simplify the color decision-making process for design projects


Salesforge is a platform that offers programmatic cold email services and tools for sales teams, with a focus on personalized dashboards and reports for sales performance and forecasting

WriteMe is an AI-powered platform that assists in product description writing, content creation, and content distribution in digital marketing, aiming to enhance productivity and effectiveness.

Files & Spreadsheets

Parsio is a platform that helps companies work more efficiently by extracting data from emails, PDFs, and documents, automating processes, and integrating with various systems

Language Learning
Lingobo is a website that requires JavaScript to be enabled for full functionality.