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Butter is a virtual collaboration platform designed for facilitators, offering tools for planning, running, and recapping engaging and interactive collaborative sessions, with a focus on empowering facilitators, moderators, and hosts

Life Assistants

Justlearn is a platform where you can find tutors for various languages, including Herero, Old Persian, Grebo, Literary Chinese, Geez, Eastern Frisian, Embu, and Pennsylvania German.

Developer Tools

Syntheticaidata is a company that provides a solution for generating synthetic data at scale, which can be used to train vision AI models, ensuring privacy, regulatory compliance, and cost-effectiveness.

SEO is an AI writing tool that helps create and optimize content for SEO, with users reporting significant time savings and high-quality output across various industries.

Corti is a software platform that leverages artificial intelligence to aid healthcare personnel during patient interviews, providing decision support, automating documentation, and analyzing interactions to improve patient care and operational efficiency


Motionshift is an AI-powered video editing platform that offers easy-to-use template editing, 2D and 3D asset libraries, and contextually relevant suggestions for creating unique and engaging videos at scale


Paragraphica is a project that uses location data and AI image synthesis to provide deeper insight into moments from the perspective of other intelligences, as AI language models are increasingly becoming conscious.


Rokoko is a company that provides affordable and intuitive motion capture tools for character animation, including full body motion capture integrating body, finger, and face capture in one intuitive mocap system.

Marketing offers cookieless personalization for e-commerce, using breakthrough technology to provide a personalized shopping experience without using cookies, fully respecting customers' privacy, and delivering the world's best customer service