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Background Changer AI

ZMO's AI Background Changer is an online tool that uses cutting-edge AI to remove and replace backgrounds in photos, making it perfect for profile photos, product photography, and more.

Mottle allows users to create a custom AI chatbot for their business, enabling streamlined customer support and improved satisfaction without the need for coding.

Vizard is a platform that uses AI to repurpose videos, allowing users to create short-form videos faster and more efficiently, with features such as AI clipping.


BOOLV is a web solution that offers a range of AI-powered tools for image editing, copywriting, and video making, including Boolpic, Boolvideo Lite, and Booltool.


iCarbonX is a technology company that combines genomics, AI, and health care to improve people's lives and monitor their health status

TreeMind is an online AI mind mapping software that allows users to upload documents and generate mind maps, as well as providing a variety of templates and materials for efficient learning and work collaboration.

ChatGPT Extensions
Gold Retriever AI

Gold Retriever is an open-source tool powered by Jina and DocArray that enables ChatGPT to interact with personalized and up-to-date data, making AI interactions more meaningful, accurate, and personal.


JS.Design offers AI-powered tools for graphic design, including features like automated background removal, color matching, and smart layout suggestions.

SalesMind AI

SalesMind AI is an AI-driven digital sales prospecting tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to help businesses automate and streamline their sales processes, with personalized engagement strategies tailored to the unique needs of each aiming for better connections and higher conversion rates.