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Ai Detection
AICheatCheck is a website that provides a demo for users to test the functionality of their AI-powered checker tool.

Content Creation
Localy AI is an AI content generator that offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, including AI voice over, AI-generated images, speech-to-text conversion, and AI code generation, catering to developers, copywriters, podcasters, and course creators


Supernormal is an AI-powered tool that helps users take meeting notes, format them automatically, and integrate with existing tools for better organization and productivity.


Telescope is a software development company based in Los Angeles, California, with 51-200 employees, and it is also an instrument that allows people to see distant objects, important in astronomy


Tactiq is a live transcription service for Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams, providing secure and accurate transcripts using high-grade encryption

3D model
Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is an AI-powered image generation platform that allows creators of all skill levels to create production-quality visual assets for various projects, including character design, game assets, concept art, graphic design, fashion, marketing, advertising, product photography, architecture, and interior design.

Human Resources is a talent sourcing engine that uses AI to discover hidden candidate profiles from 40+ social platforms, increase reply rates, and support DE&I in the hiring process, offering personalized AI searches and collaboration tools.

Social Networks

MagicBrief is a platform that allows users to source ad inspiration, view competitor insights, and create winning ads by curating a large collection of successful ads from Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, as well as providing tools for ad analysis and creation

Sahha AI

Sahha is a mental and physical health API that passively captures device data to analyze and extract health insights, aiming to build better experiences, deliver engaging features, and foster healthier teams through data.