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Note Taking
Notelier is an AI-powered productivity tool that helps users write better notes faster.

Note Taking
Wave AI

Wave is an AI note-taking app that records, transcribes, and summarizes audio recordings on iOS devices, offering unlimited recording time, even with the screen off or while using other apps, and customizable summaries.

Note Taking

Khoj is an open-source AI copilot and personal assistant that serves as a second brain, enabling users to search through their notes, PDFs, and images, and it emphasizes being offline-first and open-source

Note Taking
Xnote AI

XNote is a ChatGPT-powered physical notebook that uses a smart pen equipped with a specialized sensor to make handwritten notes interactive, allowing users to query past entries, request concise summaries of detailed notes, and even generate quizzes for study purposes, with cross-platform support and upcoming Kickstarter launch.

Note Taking

JabberNotes is a platform that allows users to speak their mind and have their thoughts transcribed into text.

Note Taking

Emberly is a platform for organizing and managing knowledge.