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Neon AI

Neon AI is an open source conversational AI platform that offers easy-to-use voice assistant technology for businesses and homes, providing full-featured platform for AI voice interactions and custom voice user interfaces

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Webscrape Ai

WebscrapeAI is a user-friendly software as a service (SaaS) tool that uses advanced algorithms to collect data accurately from any website without requiring coding skills, and offers affordable monthly or yearly subscriptions based on your needs.

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GPTAgent is a no-code platform that allows users to create AI-powered web apps, Discord bots, workflow automations, and more, using Large Language Model (LLM) blocks, and it is user-friendly and allows users to build an app in minutes.

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Pliny is a prompt engineering tool with built-in version control, allowing users to track the evolution of prompts and collaborate with teammates more effectively

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Clevis is a platform that allows users to create AI-powered applications without writing code, with a range of pre-built processing steps, app templates, and features such as text generation, image generation, and web scraping, and users can sell access to their apps with usage-based pricing.

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Tiledesk is a platform for conversational automation, trusted by over 1000 global brands, offering chatbot building, AI integration, and personalized product showcasing.

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Gooey.AI is an AI-powered platform that offers a library of workflows across generative text, voice, video, CoPilots, and more, allowing users to upload their own data and evaluate any Gooey.AI workflow, LLM or AI model against any other.

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The Forge AI

The Forge AI is a user-friendly platform that enables individuals to create and monetize AI-powered applications without the need for coding, offering an intuitive editor, templates, versioning, and a marketplace for selling creations

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Project Description Generator

The WeLoveNoCode AI Project Description Generator is an AI-powered tool that generates customized project descriptions and recommends the most relevant no-code tools in seconds.