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Machine Learning
Open Interpreter

Open Interpreter is a project that allows language models to run code on your computer, providing a natural-language interface for various tasks such as photo and video editing, controlling a browser, and data analysis

Machine Learning
Banana is a platform that automatically scales GPUs for inference, offering GitHub integration, CI/CD, CLI, rolling deploys, tracing, logs, and more, with a focus on machine learning model deployment on serverless GPUs

Machine Learning
Sinkin AI is a platform that hosts custom stable diffusion models and provides state-of-art infrastructure to support model creators

Machine Learning
Best of Machine Learning is a platform that showcases the best guides, books, papers, and news in machine learning, once per week, and is open to submissions from anyone in the community.

Machine Learning

Humanloop is a developer platform for LLM applications, founded in 2020, with 10 employees based in London, UK, and over 250 customers, offering collaboration and evaluation for AI use cases.

Machine Learning

StackML is a machine learning platform that offers a simple GUI tool for non-AI users to access a wide range of machine learning models and features, such as face detection, image classification, and pose estimation, all within the browser

Machine Learning
Weights & Biases AI

Weights & Biases (W&B) is a platform trusted by leading machine learning teams to streamline the machine learning workflow, enabling quick integration, automatic tracking, and versioning of models and experiments.

Machine Learning
Tensorflow Research Cloud

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Machine Learning
Stable Diffusion API

The Stable Diffusion API Playground is a tool that allows users to generate and finetune Dreambooth Stable Diffusion using API, with options for community model training, controlnet, image uploading, enterprise, image editing, text to video, MISCS, and history, among others.