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Instawrite is an AI-based platform for creating cover letters and resumes, making it easier for users to apply for jobs and build their professional presence online.

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JobPreScreen is a platform that helps job seekers evaluate and improve their resume and cover letter using AI technology, offering a smart and efficient way to enhance their job applications and focus on opportunities that matter

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Autojob is a remote-only platform that automates the job application process, helping users get more interviews by mass applying to relevant job postings and providing features such as job filtering and dynamic emails

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JobWizard AI

JobWizard is a website that offers AI-powered job matching and career development services.

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HN Resume to Jobs is a platform where individuals can log in with Google to connect with job opportunities and potential employers.

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Promptyourjob is a website that helps individuals find their dream jobs by matching their resumes with job descriptions in the IT industry

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LazyApply is an AI-powered job application automation tool that automates the job application process by automatically applying to all the jobs on platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter using Job GPT, and also offers a cover letter generator tool.

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RightJoin is a platform that offers mock interviews with an AI to help professionals in the job market practice and prepare for real interviews, with personalized interview experiences based on their resume and upcoming job postings.

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ResumeWriting is a website that uses AI to generate a targeted resume for each job opening, allowing users to customize their resumes to match specific job descriptions.