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Human Resources

Loxo is a recruiting CRM ATS Talent Intelligence Platform, offering a user interface and product design aimed at simplifying the candidate management process

Human Resources

Docebo is a cloud-based LMS AI platform that offers scalable, hyper-personalized learning solutions for enterprises, focusing on customer training and partner training to drive business growth and innovation

Human Resources
Teal Resume Builder

The Teal AI Resume Builder is a free online tool that uses AI technology to create, edit, and optimize resumes, allowing users to import their LinkedIn profile or existing resume and tailor each resume to fit a specific job description, ultimately making it quick and easy to create an optimized resume

Human Resources is the ultimate to-do list app for tasks and project management, integrating cutting-edge AI technology to supercharge productivity and transform the way tasks and projects are managed

Human Resources
Wade and Wendy

Wade is an AI recruiting partner that assists in navigating the professional landscape, making job suggestions, and providing a personalized career guide, while Wendy is an AI recruiter that helps offload top-of-funnel recruitment tasks and improves the candidate experience.

Human Resources is a platform that uses AI to create cover letters, providing AI-powered cover letter creation services.

Human Resources offers conversational hiring software that automates recruiting tasks, expedites the hiring process, and enhances candidate experience, catering to high-volume hiring managers and candidates.

Human Resources

Workable is a recruiting software and hiring platform that offers automated and AI-powered tools to streamline the hiring process, source candidates, and simplify decision-making, used by over 20,000 companies for 1.3 million hires

Human Resources
Job Description Generator

The Recrooit Job Description Generator uses natural language processing to create optimized job descriptions, helping attract better candidates, reduce time-to-hire, and ensure the right person is hired, with the ability to customize and tailor the descriptions to specific company needs