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CAPTURELAB is a software that uses AI technology to automatically fetch and process streams in real-time, identifying the best gaming moments for content creators

Kwizie AI is an AI-powered website that allows users to create gamified quizzes from YouTube videos up to 3 hours long, with a visually appealing mobile-first interface and support for longer content, providing valuable analytics and feedback to optimize delivery.


Unprompted is an A.I. image game released on Steam, allowing users to guess the prompts used in creating over 1,500 A.I. artworks and earn points for each correct word

AI or Human

The website "AI or Human: Can you tell the difference?" explores the interplay between artificial intelligence and human decision-making, featuring discussions on topics such as the role of users in influencing the choices of company leaders and the trust placed in advice from human and AI systems.

Lovelace Studio

Lovelace Studio is a company focused on building Nyric, a community-driven multiverse platform using generative AI to create meaningful digital experiences and games.

GameGuide AI

GameGuideAI is a platform where you can chat with GPT trained on game info, covering a variety of games such as Skyrim, GTA V, Zelda, and more, serving as an AI gaming companion

Human or AI Game

Human or AI is a platform where technology and humanity intersect, allowing users to challenge themselves in distinguishing between genuine faces and those created by advanced algorithms, testing their instincts


TTS Labs offers a Text to Speech service for streamers, providing a dedicated desktop app, customizable features, faster-than-real-time processing, and integration with streaming platforms.


GGPredict is a platform that provides AI-powered challenges, demo viewer, cutting-edge analytics, compare tools, leaderboard competitions, dedicated servers, and comprehensive training maps to help players of all levels improve their Counter-Strike skills.