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Files & Spreadsheets

Parsio is a platform that helps companies work more efficiently by extracting data from emails, PDFs, and documents, automating processes, and integrating with various systems

Files & Spreadsheets
Writingmate AI is a Chrome browser extension that provides ChatGPT assistance, allowing users to draft or reply to emails, generate content, improve writing, and perform various tasks on the web

Files & Spreadsheets
Humata AI

Humata AI is an AI-powered tool that helps users navigate and summarize technical documents, with versatile applications across various industries, including legal, academic, and IT support, and offers a free plan with the ability to analyze 60 pages, ask 100 questions, and create shareable links.

Files & Spreadsheets
Tomat AI

Tomat.AI is a software that enables users to open and explore large CSV files without the need for code or formulas, offering features such as filtering, sorting, grouping, and the ability to combine sheets or files into a single table, all while keeping the data local and secure

Files & Spreadsheets
Filechat IO is an AI tool that allows users to explore documents by turning them into "word embeddings," enabling semantic search and chat-based Q&A, with free and subscription-based plans available for additional features

Files & Spreadsheets
Fillout AI

Fillout is a platform that allows users to create powerful forms, surveys, and quizzes quickly, with features such as customizable question types, data storage, and integration with other tools.

Files & Spreadsheets is an AI-powered productivity tool designed to simplify and automate repetitive tasks in Google Sheets, offering a suite of AI-driven functions to help users automate tasks and generate insights

Files & Spreadsheets

DocuAsk is a simple, fast, and secure AI-powered document analysis and alignment tool that allows users to upload documents in any language and discover connections and distinctions within them.

Files & Spreadsheets

GPTExcel is a platform that uses AI to generate spreadsheet formulas, SQL queries, Apps Script, and VBA scripts in over 50 languages, and offers free sign-up with 4 free requests per day and priority access to customer support.