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MagicAI by Spike

Spike's Magic AI is an AI-powered workflow assistant designed to speed up workflows, save time, and enhance productivity by streamlining tasks, creating polished emails and messages, generating seamless responses, and summarizing communication. It is available with all Spike plans and can be used to write in different languages.

Call Assistant AI

Call Assistant AI is an app that uses artificial intelligence to help users screen and manage phone calls, offering features such as call screening, call blocking, hold music, and real-time call transcriptions to combat spam and unwanted calls

ZoZo is a website that may be related to an app, potentially for creating custom iOS keyboard shortcuts, and it may also be associated with a social media platform.


MyNeo AI is the ultimate mobile assistant app offering personalized AI and a smart keyboard for effortless communication, created by Yervand Saribekyan and available on iOS.

DailyBot AI

DailyBot is an AI chat assistant that uses a robust AI tech stack to provide prompt and concise responses to users, automate workflows, and improve communication and productivity in the workplace.

Voice GPT

VoiceGPT is an advanced language model that allows users to communicate with it using their voice, making conversations more natural and immersive

Lettergram is a website that allows users to send and receive letters from pen pals via mail.

Stork: ChatGPT for Teams AI

Stork.AI is an AI app directory and marketplace that offers various AI tools, including Typpo, a tool that turns spoken words into dynamic videos, and ExplainThis, a browser extension that simplifies online content by explaining complex topics.

Chat With PDF

The website allows users to chat with any PDF using the ChatGPT API, enabling conversations with books, research papers, manuals, essays, and legal contracts for free and without sign-in