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Chrome Extensions
Comment Generator

Comment Generator is an AI-powered Chrome extension that allows users to create genuine and detailed comments for Instagram and Threads, helping to increase engagement and attract new followers

Chrome Extensions
Talkberry – mock interview AI

TalkBerry is a mock interview platform that simulates job interviews with an AI hiring manager, providing a safe environment to practice English job interview skills and receive instant feedback and personalized suggestions.

Chrome Extensions
Image Prompter

Image Prompter is an AI image prompt extension for Midjourney that allows for easier prompt generation by visually clicking.

Chrome Extensions

TextGPT is a smart text input extension for browsers, powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT, that enhances text editing experiences with advanced AI capabilities within popular web applications and text editors

Chrome Extensions

AnyGPT is a ChatGPT prompt that can be used inside any app in macOS by entering "gpt:" followed by the prompt and hitting shift+enter, requiring an OpenAI API key with an active paid OpenAI plan and a Mac running macOS 12.0 or above.

Chrome Extensions

Magic Formula is an AI-powered tool that helps users with Excel, Sheets, SQL, and AirTable, providing clear and concise information on formulas and queries, making it a valuable resource for anyone working with these applications

Chrome Extensions
Tweet Assist App AI

TweetAssist.AI is an AI-powered chrome extension that helps users write tweets and replies right inside Twitter, using OpenAI's GPT to generate tweets and replies based on the topics chosen by the user, and it offers a free version that allows users to test the product with 10 tweet/reply generations.

Chrome Extensions
Recruiting Emails AI by Dover AI

Dover is a platform that generates customized recruiting emails to help streamline the hiring process for businesses

Chrome Extensions
BetterLegal Assistant

BetterLegal offers an Assistant service, which provides guidance and support for business owners in handling legal paperwork and formalities.