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Artificial Intelligence
BrightPen AI

Bright Pen is a platform for creating content with artificial intelligence, including films, using AI for scripting, voice, storyboards, and more.

Artificial Intelligence

OpenCopilot is a platform developed by OpenCopilot, copyright © 2023, that provides AI-powered code suggestions and explanations for developers using Visual Studio Code

Artificial Intelligence
Cognify Studio

Cognify AI Studio is a mobile app and web tool that uses AI to transform photos into professional designs, offering unique backgrounds, lighting, and compositions, and is cost-effective compared to hiring professional designers and photographers

Artificial Intelligence
Aigur is a platform that offers a NoCode editor to create generative AI flows, collaborate with colleagues, gather feedback, integrate flows into applications, monitor their performance, and manage their execution.

Artificial Intelligence

Gotely is an AI-powered strategy platform for startups, focusing on idea validation, benchmarking, market insights, and capital raising, with a current emphasis on the technology, e-commerce, fashion retail, health, and energy industries

Artificial Intelligence

Wetune is a platform that allows users to create AI-powered apps without coding, improving work efficiency and quality of life by generating various types of content, such as poems, stories, code, and lyrics

Artificial Intelligence
Words on Demand

Words on Demand is an AI-powered platform that helps users generate high-quality content for various purposes, such as crafting ad copy, creating engaging paragraphs, and making informed decisions with ease

Artificial Intelligence

Cerelyze is a Next-Gen Vision AI Labelling tool that can convert research papers into code and create ultra-fast computer vision models in one click.

Artificial Intelligence
Ultimate Skill Extractor by Further

Further is an AI-powered skill suggestion platform that can extract in-demand skills from any kind of text, trained using over 1 million online available content from various sources and topics