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Legal Assistants
Legal Robot is a platform that offers contract analytics, legal simplification, and compliance tools to help users better understand and manage their legal documents and obligations.


Outplay is a sales engagement and automation platform that integrates with various CRMs, meeting schedulers, and monitoring tools to streamline your sales process and improve lead conversion rates


Waymark is an AI video creator that automatically produces videos based on local business data and allows users to polish and share them.

Assistant Code
Tabninie AI

Tabnine is an AI assistant that provides code completion functionality and boosts development productivity, while also offering privacy and security features such as local adaptation and fully isolated mode.


Gnod is a project that aims to use the latest technological advances to help users discover new things they might like, with over 300,000 monthly users.

Level AI is an AI solutions provider for call centers that offers real-time answers to customer questions from across the enterprise stack and multiple integrations with apps from across the tech stack.

No Code
Landbot Bricks is an AI chatbot generator that allows marketing, sales, and customer service teams to turn conversational experiences into revenue-driving outcomes with no coding required.


Mason is an AI-powered platform that helps maximize store conversions through intelligent merchandising and personalized customer experiences, used by over 8,000 brands to grow their online stores

Video is a platform that allows users to create and send personalized videos at scale, enhancing engagement and conversion rates in various marketing campaigns.