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Moda AI

Moda is an AI-powered eCommerce growth platform that offers a range of tools and features to help businesses optimize their online presence and increase customer satisfaction


Hit'n'Mix's latest offering, RipX DAW, is an AI-powered Digital Audio Workstation that can extract sounds from mixed recordings and is uniquely prepared to assist those working with samples produced by AI music generators.


WordSuperb offers AI-driven grammar and spell correction for texts, enhancing writing efficiency and bringing users closer to native speaker fluency

Human Resources

Rezi is an AI-based resume builder that offers templates and tools to help users design and optimize their resumes for various job descriptions and applicant tracking systems

Amazing AI

Sindre Sorhus is a full-time open-sourcerer and aspiring rebel who is known for his work on various apps and code projects.

Industrial Data Labs

Industrial Data Labs is a company that provides AI solutions to streamline workflows, unlock insights, and catalyze transformative change in the industrial landscape.


Copysmith is an AI-powered writing assistant and content creation software designed to help marketers and businesses generate high-quality content at scale, saving time and enhancing productivity, particularly suitable for large marketing teams and e-commerce companies

Art Generator
Dream Up (Deviant Art)

DreamUp is a website that allows users to create, adjust, and fine-tune AI-generated art by uploading a base reference image and choosing from various art styles.

Amazing is an artificial intelligence platform that offers real-time sports analytics by analyzing footage of sports events for any sport, including player tracking, ball tracking, and match events such as goals, assists, shot on goals, passing patterns, and team formations.