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Raycast Al

Raycast is a blazingly fast, extendable launcher that enhances productivity by allowing users to complete tasks, calculate, share common links, and more

Go Charlie is an enterprise-level full-stack generative AI solution that offers AI solutions for businesses, including agents and multimodal models, and allows users to generate content with a consistent voice across all marketing channels, as well as generate high-quality content and optimize content structure.

No Code
Dynaboard AI

Dynaboard AI is a suite of AI functionalities that accelerate the process of building custom, production-grade software by automating the creation of data-rich UIs and forms, generating code and queries, and refactoring code and queries in any code or query editor

Social Networks

SocialBu is an all-in-one social media management tool designed specifically for small businesses, offering features such as scheduling and publishing content across all social networks, responding to messages, and creating engaging content

SuperMeme is an AI-powered platform that turns text into memes, using GPT-3 to generate appropriate meme captions and matching them with relevant meme templates, offering high-quality images, no watermarks, and meme generation from any topic or text input

Lavender AI is an AI email coach that helps improve email writing style, personalize messages, and increase response rates, integrating into existing workflows and offering a free Google Chrome extension


Naker is an automation platform that uses 3D technologies to generate packshots, videos, and interactive 3D product experiences to enhance visualization and conversion on eCommerce product pages.


Xembly is a platform that streamlines meetings, improves accountability, and enhances productivity by focusing on meaningful discussions and smart task management

Developer Tools
Twelve Labs

Twelve Labs is a powerful AI solution that enables users to search and understand video content more effectively, replacing ineffective keyword tagging systems