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Krikey AI

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Krikey AI is an AI tools company that offers powerful technology designed to simplify animation creation, empowering developers and creators to generate 3D animations in minutes for various applications such as games, films, and marketing materials


  • 🎨 Customize your AI Animation: Create unique facial expressions, hand gestures, and more editing tools with our AI-generated animations library, which offers thousands of high-fidelity animations. Export a video or an FBX file for your project


  • 💻 CREATE: Customize your AI Animation with unique facial expressions, hand gestures, and more editing tools. Our AI-generated animations library provides you with thousands of high fidelity animations. Export a video or an FBX file for your project.
  • 🎥 QUICK ANIMATION MAKER: Our quick animation maker uses custom character AI motion algorithms to generate animations in minutes. Generating animations is easy: type in a prompt (example: “jumping jacks”) then click the Generate button to see the results.
  • 🕹️ READYPLAYERME AVATAR CREATOR: With the ReadyPlayerMe Avatar Creator, you can design a custom 3D Avatar.
  • 🎮 CARTOON GAME: Whether you have a marketing idea, a cartoon game, a feature film, or more, our templates can save significant time and give you more creative freedom.
  • 📱 DIGITAL STORYTELLING: Get started with your digital storytelling today.


11 - 50
Tech Used
Node.js, Bootstrap, React, Next.js, Next.js
Laptop, Code

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FAQ is an AI-powered animation software that allows users to create 3D animations without requiring any coding or special skills. It offers a user-friendly interface and a library of thousands of high-fidelity animations for various projects
To create an animation with, you can use the AI Text to Animation or AI Video to Animation software tools. You can input a simple text prompt, such as "jumping jacks," and the AI will generate an animation based on your description offers various features, including customizable 3D characters, AI-generated animations, unique facial expressions, hand gestures, and editing tools. Users can also export video or FBX files for their projects can be used as an alternative to Mixamo 3D Adobe Animation and can be exported to social media or editing software of choice. It is available on the web for free and can be accessed through a web browser
After creating your animation in, you can either use the Giphy capture tool or download a video file. You can then convert the video file to a GIF online before sharing it with friends or on social media platforms

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