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Blenny AI is a browser extension that enhances your web experience by providing AI vision and quick actions for various tasks, such as summarizing information, translating text, and accessing the web


  • 📸 AI Vision Co-Pilot: Blenny AI helps you analyze information from any part of the web by taking a snapshot of the screen area and performing quick actions like instant AI summaries, translations, and accessing the web


  • AI-Assisted Web Analysis: Welma adds AI vision to your browser, allowing you to take a snapshot of the screen area and perform quick actions such as instant AI summaries, translations, and accessing the web

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Cool Gift Ideas

Cool Gift Ideas is a website that offers creative gift ideas for various recipients, aiming to help users find the perfect gift based on the recipient's interests and preferences.

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Pool Planner AI

Pool Planner AI is a service that allows users to upload a high-quality photo of their backyard, and then uses AI to generate 70+ realistic HD images of the backyard with different inground pool designs, helping users to visualize and decide on the perfect pool design for their space, thus saving time and money

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CupidBot is an AI-powered dating app that helps users find and schedule dates, with features like calendar integration, automatic follow-ups, and support for multiple languages.

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