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Nova AI

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Nova A.I. is an online video editing tool that offers features such as subtitle generation, text-to-speech generation, video translation, video merging, and resizing, and it also provides access to a vast digital asset library.


  • 🚀 Simple Yet Powerful Online Video Editor: Nova A.I. offers a user-friendly and robust online video editor, allowing creators to edit videos with ease and efficiency


  • 💻🎥 Online Video Editing ToolNova A.I. is an online video editing tool that allows users to create stellar videos, cut, trim, and merge clips, add subtitles, translate, and more. It is entirely online, and no installation is needed.
  • 📹🔊 YouTube Video MakerNova A.I. offers an all-in-one online editing solution for creating a-grade YouTube videos with a single click of a button. It allows users to create viral YouTube video content, amplify their impact, and increase their video reach. With Nova A.I.’s editor, users can easily add subtitles to YouTube videos in over 100 languages, ensuring their videos speak volumes even on mute, reaching all sorts of audiences.
  • 🖼️🎞️ Add Images to VideosNova A.I. is a simple yet powerful video editing software that allows users to add images to their videos online, directly from their laptop or computer, without downloading any clunky software. Users can overlay their images on top of their videos, create stunning picture sequences, and brand their videos by adding a logo or a thumbnail.
  • 📚🎓 Training AvailableNova A.I.’s team is dedicated to simplifying video editing for everyone. Therefore, training is available for both large production studios and everyday content creators.
  • 💰💳 Stock Asset LibraryNova A.I. has partnered up with iStock by Getty Images, offering access to a vast digital asset library. Users can select from a range of professional quality content, including captivating stock footage, royalty-free audio, and studio-quality images directly within the platform.


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PHP, Vue.js, WordPress

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Nova A.I. is a new-generation video editing tool designed to simplify video editing. It is an intelligent tool that aims to streamline and organize the video editing workflow, making the process faster and easier.
Content creation can be challenging, expensive, and time-consuming. Nova A.I. offers a platform that minimizes costs and streamlines the workflow, making video editing faster and easier. It is designed to be an extra pair of hands in the studio, simplifying the video editing process.
To add text to a video, simply upload your video file to Nova's Creative Studio, select the text panel, create your text, and overlay it onto your video. Nova A.I. provides an easy-to-use platform for adding text to videos online.

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