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Wade and Wendy

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Wade is an AI recruiting partner that assists in navigating the professional landscape, making job suggestions, and providing a personalized career guide, while Wendy is an AI recruiter that helps offload top-of-funnel recruitment tasks and improves the candidate experience.


  • 🤖 Relationship: Wade learns about your skills, experiences, interests, and goals to help you navigate the professional landscape and find the right opportunities for growth.
  • 📚 Personalized: As Wade makes suggestions, the feedback you give calibrates and trains him to make more informed suggestions of job opportunities and relevant content over time.
  • 📝 Career journaling: Wade helps you keep track of your professional growth and development, going beyond traditional resume updates, to document your career progression as you experience it.
  • 💼 Find the right job: Wade has access to many job opportunities that fit your experience and interests, always presenting the best opportunities, including those that Wendy is working on directly.
  • 🤝 Meet Wade: Wade is your personal career guide and assistant for your job-seeking and career advancement efforts, helping you stay informed and connected in the job market.


  • 👥 Relationship Building: Wade interacts with users to understand their skills, experiences, interests, and goals, helping them navigate the professional landscape to find the right opportunities for their professional growth

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