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Teachable Machine

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Teachable Machine is a web-based tool developed by Google that allows users to create machine learning models using a simple and interactive interface.


  • 💻📹 Teachable Machine allows users to train machine learning models using their webcam or uploaded images and audio.
  • 🤖🧠 The platform uses Google’s TensorFlow.js library to build and run the machine learning models.
  • 🎓📈 Teachable Machine is designed for educational purposes and provides a simple interface for beginners to learn about machine learning.
  • 🌐🔗 The models created in Teachable Machine can be exported as a TensorFlow.js file or a link to share with others.
  • 🆓💰 Teachable Machine is a free tool that does not require any coding experience to use.


  • 💻🤖 AI Models: Teachable Machine allows users to create custom machine learning models without any coding. Users can train their models to recognize images, sounds, and poses.
  • 📷🔍 Image Recognition: Teachable Machine can be used to create image recognition models. Users can train their models to recognize different objects, faces, or even emotions in images.
  • 🎤🎵 Sound Recognition: Teachable Machine can also be used to create sound recognition models. Users can train their models to recognize different sounds, such as speech, music, or animal noises.
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑💬 Collaboration: Teachable Machine allows users to collaborate with others by sharing their models. This can be useful for group projects or for sharing models with a wider audience.
  • 🌐📱 Web and Mobile Integration: Teachable Machine models can be integrated into web and mobile applications. This allows developers to create custom applications that can recognize images, sounds, and poses.

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Teachable Machine serves three main purposes: image recognition, sound recognition, and pose recognition. It enables users to train models to identify patterns in images, sounds, and gestures.
Teachable Machine offers the benefits of quick iteration, real-time feedback on model accuracy, and support for multiple export options. It provides an easy and fast way to create and integrate machine learning models into different applications.

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