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Softr Studio

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Softr is a platform that allows users to build client portals and internal tools powered by Airtable or Google Sheets data, without code, and offers a vibrant community of builders around the world


  • 🌟 Softr Studio: A platform for building no-code applications, offering a user-friendly interface and a variety of blocks for customization.
  • 💼 List Details Block: A feature that allows you to view the details of a list item, which can be added to a separate page within your Softr app.
  • 🔍 Data Source Connection: Connecting a data source to the Source tab of the block settings, allowing you to link data from various sources like Airtable.
  • 📚 Block Types: Softr Studio offers a variety of block types, including Text, Rich Text, Headings, Email, Url, Tag, File, Video/Audio, Image/Image Gallery, Embed, Google Maps, Rating, and more.
  • 🌐 Community Support: A community where users can find useful tips and tricks for working with Softr Studio, sharing their experiences and knowledge with others.


  • 💻 TEMPLATES: Softr Studio offers a wide variety of responsive and beautifully designed templates for different use cases, allowing users to build web apps in seconds.
  • 📊 AIRTABLE INTEGRATION: Softr Studio allows users to turn their Airtable or Google Sheets data into beautiful and powerful client portals or internal tools, making it easy to build client portals and internal tools powered by Airtable or Google Sheets.
  • 🌎 COMMUNITY: Softr Studio has a vibrant community of builders around the world, where users can get inspired for their own creations, learn from fellow builders, join workshops and events, and hire expert builders.

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