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StoryboardHero is an AI storyboard generator that simplifies the process of creating storyboards into just seven easy steps.


  • ✨ Generate concepts and scripts: Just enter your brief and StoryboardHero will generate concepts and scripts automatically for you, already divided into scenes and split between scene description, voice over and more.
  • 🎨 Generate images with AI: Choose the style of images you would like to generate and let our AI generate images for you. Modify your AI-generated images. Not happy with an image? Just enter additional instructions and generate new images to replace it.
  • 📄 Generate PDF documents with your branding: Once your storyboard is final, you can generate it as a PDF document that you can share. Share your storyboards online and get feedback. Decide whether you would like to share with a password protection or not. Let guest comment on scenes and be notified when comments have been made.
  • 🔄 Edit your concepts: You can easily reorganize the scenes or edit them. You can regenerate new concepts or import your existing concepts.
  • 🎭 Request our team to draw images for you (optional): If AI-generated images are not what you need for your project, you can buy credits and request our team of sketch artists to draw for you.


  • 💡 AI Storyboard Generator: StoryboardHero is an AI-powered storyboard generator that simplifies storyboarding into just seven easy steps. It generates concepts from the project brief you’ve submitted and is automatically divided into scenes. Each frame consists of a title, description, action, and voice-over script


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PHP, Apache HTTP Server, WordPress

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An AI Storyboard Generator is specifically designed for creating storyboards, while ChatGPT is an AI language model that specializes in generating human-like text based on the input it receives.
Yes, there are free AI Art Generator tools available that allow users to create images from text. Some tools offer a range of artistic possibilities without the need for a paid subscription.
ChatGPT stands out due to its contextual understanding, versatile language support, and creative expansion capabilities. It comprehends context, supports multiple languages, and allows content creators to build upon AI-generated responses.

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