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Unboring AI

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Unboring by Reface is an online platform that offers face swapping, photo animation, and video restyling features that allow users to create hilarious videos and edit faces in photos online without advanced skills required.


  • 🎮 AI-powered Face Swap: Transform photos and videos with AI filters online, creating unique and entertaining content.
  • 👻 Swap faces instantly: Change faces on a photo or video to create funny content with friends or for personal use.
  • 🎶 Animate photos and videos: Make your photos talk and dance with just one tap, adding a unique touch to your content.
  • 🎨 Restyle photos and videos: Turn your videos into cartoons or apply various visual styles to create stunning AI-generated videos.
  • 📹 Inkpunk and Cosmic filters: Use restyle filters to create a variety of visual effects, from cartoonish to futuristic looks.


  • 💻 Online Face Swapping & Photo Animation Tool: Unboring by Reface is an AI-powered web platform that allows you to swap faces instantly on photos or videos to create funny content with your friends. You can also animate your photos and turn them into cartoons.
  • 🎭: Face Swap App & Video Face Swaps: Reface is an app that allows you to swap faces in videos and GIFs with just one selfie. It also has a face-swapping tool powered by AI technology.
  • 🎉: Christmas Special: Unboring by Reface offers a Christmas special that allows you to get ready for a jaw-dropping transformation with their AI-powered Face Swap.
  • 🎨 Restyle: Unboring by Reface has a new feature called Restyle that allows you to effortlessly transform your videos and photos into enchanting masterpieces using their incredible filters.
  • 🎬: Cartoon Videos: Unboring by Reface is an AI-powered web platform that turns your regular videos into cartoon animations. It has a plethora of animation styles to choose from and can handle videos up to 60 seconds in length.

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