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Publer AI Assist

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Publer's AI Assistant helps brainstorm new post ideas, generate copy, and suggest engaging content based on input and trends, enabling the creation of high-quality social media content efficiently


  • 💡 Brainstorming: Publer’s AI Assistant can help brainstorm new post ideas and generate copy in seconds. It suggests engaging content based on input and trends and helps discover the perfect piece through AI-generated A/B text versions.
  • 📝 Card summaries: Guru’s AI Assist feature can generate card summaries, determine action items/takeaways, and translate knowledge into over 100 languages.
  • 📝 Writing assistance: Guru’s AI Assist feature can fix spelling and grammar errors, simplify vocabulary, adjust voice and tone, and refine knowledge.


  • Brainstorm Ideas: Use AI Assist to generate new post ideas and engaging content based on input and trends, helping you discover the perfect piece through AI-generated A/B text versions

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Yes, everyone can try out the new AI Assist tools for free for a couple of weeks. After that, users can choose from various plans and pricing options based on their needs.
Publer offers a variety of features, including the ability to schedule up to 500 posts with the CSV file or other bulk options, collect social media analytics and export PDF reports, and automate new posts from favorite RSS feeds. It also allows users to download photos and videos from various social media platforms and design visual content from scratch.

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