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Prompt Journey is a platform designed to spark creativity and provide a unique approach to prompt creation, offering a comprehensive tool that supports the creative process and a community for sharing and inspiring each other.


  • ✨ User-Friendly Interface: PromptJourney offers an intuitive interface for effortless engagement with its AI-powered personal assistant chatbot.
  • 🌐 Seamless Integration with Midjourney: The platform is designed and tested for compatibility with Midjourney’s Versions 4 & 5, ensuring optimal performance for generating prompts tailored to mid-journey experiences.
  • 💾 Save and Share: Users can keep track of their creative journey by accessing all generated MidJourney prompts in the saved section and easily share them.
  • 🎨 AI Art Generation: PromptJourney goes beyond text prompts, allowing users to seamlessly create stunning AI art images by describing their vision in simple English.
  • 🤖 Comprehensive Prompt Support: The platform provides clear steps and tools to help generate prompts specific to mid-journey experiences, supporting the creative process from start to finish.


  • 🌟 Unlock your creative potential: Prompt Journey is designed to spark your creativity and provide fresh inspiration for your mid-journey experiences.
  • 📚 Keep a detailed history: The platform allows you to maintain an organized list of suffixes, saving links to inspiring images and tracking your progress.
  • 🤝 Join a supportive community: Prompt Journey is more than just a tool; it’s a space where you can share your prompts, provide feedback, and inspire each other.
  • 💡 Generate specific prompts: The platform offers clear steps and tools to help you create prompts that are tailored to your unique creative journey.
  • 🌈 Discover new ideas: Prompt Journey encourages you to try new ideas, share your latest creations, and get feedback from a supportive community.

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MJSplitter is a free tool that allows you to split your MidJourney Grid into single images, which can be downloaded, saved as JPEG, and shared.


Zenprompts AI

ZenPrompts is a tool for creating, refining, testing, and sharing prompts, enabling users to compare model outputs, showcase their prompt portfolios, experiment with prompts without losing work, share prompts with others, and streamline prompt creation through the use of dynamic variables



PromptDen is a community for AI prompt sharing and discovery, offering a variety of prompts from ChatGPT, Bard, MidJourney, and Stable Diffusion

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