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PromptExtend is an AI art prompt generator tool that helps users extend and elaborate starting prompts into detailed art ideas, suitable for various AI art creation tools, and it's free to use


  • 📚 AI Prompt Tools: These tools help generate creative and unique prompts for various AI applications, such as MidJourney Prompt Tool, 100+ AI Prompts, FlowGPT, ChatGPT Prompt Plus, and There’s a Prompt for that.
  • 🌟 AI prompt tools can inspire creativity and help users overcome creative blocks by generating a wide range of prompts to choose from.
  • 🎯 These tools can assist users in refining their prompts, ensuring that they are clear and concise, which is essential for achieving desired results in AI applications.
  • 🔄 AI prompt tools can help users understand the capabilities and limitations of AI applications, allowing them to adjust their expectations and improve their overall experience.
  • 🤖 These tools can be used in conjunction with other AI applications, such as chatbots, to provide users with a seamless and integrated experience.


  • AI Art Suggestion: PromptExtend can be used as an AI art suggestion generator, providing users with creative ideas for art and drawing

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Alternatives for PromptExtend


Promptitude is a platform that allows users to integrate GPT into their apps and workflows, offering features such as prompt management, automation, text summarization, and information extraction, with a focus on security and user feedback.



Perpend is an AI playground for OpenAI GPT models, allowing users to interact with various GPT models, including GPT-4, by adding their OpenAI API key and engaging in AI chat and creation, with a PLUS version available for users with restricted access and pricing based on token usage


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