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Octane AI

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The Partner Referral program at Octane AI offers incentives for individuals to refer new partners, fostering growth and collaboration within the AI community.


  • 🚀 Empowering Quizzes: Octane AI empowers brands with powerful and interactive quizzes tailored to deliver personalized product recommendations, grow subscribers, and increase sales.
  • 📧 Segmented Campaigns: Incorporate quizzes to gather insights into customer preferences, informing future product development. Segment and target email/SMS campaigns based on quiz outcomes to increase relevance.
  • 🌟 Brand Visibility: Motivate users to share their quiz results on social platforms, fostering brand visibility and opportunities for re-engagement.
  • 🎥 Vertical First Video: Focus on customer experience and ensure that every touchpoint, from the ad click to post-purchase support, offers an exceptional customer experience.
  • 📈 Brand Growth: A holistic approach to brand growth defines Rebel360, merging potent branding with a suite of actionable marketing instruments. Periodically update email content to resonate with ongoing brand narratives and maintain subscriber engagement.


  • 🤖 Partner Referral: This feature allows partners to refer potential clients to the platform.
  • 📈 Partner Referral: Partners can track the status and progress of their referrals.
  • 📧 Partner Referral: Communication tools for partners to engage with their referrals.
  • 📊 Partner Referral: Access to analytics and reports on referral performance.
  • 🎁 Partner Referral: Incentive and reward management for successful referrals.
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