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Ocoya is an AI-powered social media management platform that helps marketers, entrepreneurs, and agencies generate and post content quickly, both manually and automatically, and provides features such as content planning, scheduling, and performance tracking.


  • 💻 AI Social Media Management: Ocoya offers AI-powered social media management, content marketing, and copywriting services. It helps generate and post content quickly, both manually and automatically, in 26 languages.
  • 📈 Instant Recommendations: Ocoya provides instant recommendations on performance or reach, helping marketers and agencies optimize their social media campaigns.
  • 📆 Plan and Schedule Content: Ocoya allows users to plan, schedule, and approve content at optimal times, even for years upfront. It is an alternative to Hootsuite and Buffer.
  • 🎨 Create Images, Videos, or Music: Ocoya offers a feature to create images, videos, or music for social media. It is an alternative to Canva, Zapier, and IFTTT.
  • 🚀 Fix Instagram Stories Mistakes: Ocoya’s blog provides tips on how to fix common mistakes made on Instagram Stories, making social media campaigns more effective.

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The main benefits of Ocoya include seamless social media scheduling, content creation, smart automation, and creative tools to elevate digital presence.
You can get a quick overview of Ocoya by exploring its features for social media management, content creation, and automation on their official website.
For information on new features or integrations, you can refer to Ocoya's official announcements on their website or social media channels.

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