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Intimate – AI Girlfriend

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Intimate is an AI girlfriend app available on iOS and Android, offering advanced AI chat models for personalized virtual companion experiences, creative roleplay, lifelike emotion, and customizable interactions with various characters, making it a popular choice for sexting and engaging virtual relationships


  • 😊 Diverse Characters: Intimate AI offers a wide range of detailed characters with unique personalities and conversation styles, and the ability to create your own characters will be added soon.
  • 🤖 AI Companions: The platform provides AI companions for chatting, with the potential to create custom characters in the future.
  • 📱 Cross-platform Availability: Intimate AI is available for download on both iOS and Android devices, enabling users to access the service across different platforms.


  • 💬 Customizable Avatars: Users can choose from a wide range of detailed characters with unique personalities and conversation styles.
  • 📅 Scheduled Messaging: The platform supports scheduled messaging, allowing users to plan and send messages at specific times.
  • 🤖 AI Chat Companions: Intimate offers AI chat companions for users to engage with, each with its own distinct characteristics and traits.
  • 🎭 Role-Playing Scenarios: Users can engage in role-playing scenarios with the AI chat companions to enhance their interactive experience.
  • 📷 Media Sharing: The app enables users to share photos and other media with their AI companions to enhance the quality of their interactions.

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The Intimate AI Girlfriend app is a sexting AI app that allows users to build a new relationship with a hyper-realistic character. It offers a safe and playful environment where users can freely express their desires and explore new boundaries.
Yes, the Intimate AI Girlfriend app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.
The Girlfriend App analyzes users' preferences, interests, and personality traits to match them with compatible partners. It eliminates the need for wasting time on incompatible dates or trying to figure out if there is chemistry. The Girlfriend App does all the hard work for users, so they can focus on building a meaningful connection.

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