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JukeGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to help musicians quickly generate original songs with catchy and aesthetically pleasing melodies, providing a unique and efficient approach to songwriting.


  • 🎶 NoteCrush: NoteCrush is a songwriting AI that generates high-quality song snippets based on popular chart-topping hits, allowing users to explore new musical ideas and complete songs quickly


  • 💡 NoteCrush: Generative AI for Songwriting: At NoteCrush, the Songwriting AI has been trained on thousands of popular chart-topping hits, and can generate high-quality song snippets that are guaranteed to resonate with your audience. You can generate and try out new musical ideas quickly to unlock more possibilities. Options to select the genre you are looking for whether it’s pop, country, rock, or classical music. Match up lyric ideas to your melody to help you complete your song in no time. You have the option to select between major or minor scales, transpose, and adjust tempo. Browse generated sheet music outputs.
  • 🎶 JukeGPT: AI Tool for Musicians: JukeGPT is a generative AI tool specifically designed for musicians to assist in the creation of lyrics and chord progressions. It leverages the power of OpenAI models and a library of annotated musical works to generate music in various genres such as pop, country, rock, or classical music. Users have options to control the generated music by selecting major or minor scales and adjusting tempo. JukeGPT provides lyric generation services to suggest ideas that match the generated melodies. The tool ensures the originality of generated music through a rigorous evaluation process comparing against extensive training samples. JukeGPT follows a per-usage pricing structure and offers free credits to get started.
  • 🎤 Use Cases: JukeGPT is a powerful AI tool that empowers musicians with generative capabilities, providing them with fresh musical ideas and inspiration. It is useful for musicians and composers seeking inspiration and fresh ideas for creating melodies, chord progressions, and lyrics. Hobbyist musicians desiring a creative tool to support their music production process. Commercial musicians in need of innovative musical ideas and original compositions for their music videos and live performances. Music producers and songwriters exploring

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JukeGPT prompts the models via a few-shot process using OpenAI models and a library of annotated musical works. Users can also control the generated music by selecting between major or minor keys. Additionally, it offers lyric generation services to suggest ideas to match the melody.
The decision to recommend JukeGPT would depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user. It is a powerful tool that utilizes generative AI to assist musicians in their creative process, but the recommendation would be subjective to individual requirements.

Alternatives for JukeGPT


Kits AI

Kits AI is an AI voice generation toolkit that allows users to train custom voices, access royalty-free voices, and create never-before-heard music with well-known AI artist voices.



AIVA is an AI music composition platform that offers 300 downloads per month, supports various file formats, and allows the creation of high-quality WAV files.


Emergent Drums

Audialab is a company that has developed Emergent Drums, a product that uses AI to generate royalty-free drum samples for electronic music producers

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